Exercise Tips to Help You Get Back in Shape

aith52x September 24, 2021 0 Comments

Over the last year, the majority of active Americans have had to make some change to their exercise routine. As society reopens, people’s fitness routines are changing from virtual workouts to gym visits.


Lifestyle Habits During the Pandemic

According to a Healthline article, the coronavirus weight gain is caused by:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Increase in alcohol use
  • Less exercise
  • Stress

An American Psychological Association survey found that the average amount of weight gain was 29 pounds. In addition, 10% of those surveyed have gained more than 50 pounds. This is understandable given the many challenges that the pandemic has caused the majority of Americans.

If you are ready to take on a new fitness journey now that society has reopened, have realistic expectations.


Get On Track

Although it is exciting to jump in head first, remember that a sudden increase in exercise can be harmful. Any dramatic increase in physical activity can increase your risk of muscle or joint problems. Repetitive movements and overuse can cause issues in muscles and joints. As mentioned in a Mayo Clinic article, tendinitis and stress fractures are often caused by errors in training and/or technique.


When increasing your exercise routine, it is important to pay attention to your body. Muscles require training to get a higher level of conditioning. Remember that the best way to push yourself is to do so slowly and steadily.


Prevention and Treatment

Drink enough fluids to avoid exhaustion and other negative effects of high-intensity activity. Get enough rest, keep your workout routine balanced, and set realistic expectations. Any injuries resulting from high-intensity exercise should be assessed and treated as soon as possible. A chiropractor can diagnose sports injuries and damage to muscles, ligaments, and joints. Chiropractors also treat the spine. If you have pain, numbness, instability, or a decrease in your range of motion, please seek chiropractic care. A chiropractor can help both relieve your pain and discuss preventative measures. They can also help you make a custom workout routine, even if you have to change your current regimen.


How We Can Help

To return to a more active lifestyle safely, be sure to change your exercise routine slowly and maintain your health with a chiropractor. At our clinic in Winter Garden, Florida, Dr. Michael St. Louis specializes in the use of atlas orthogonal chiropractic treatments. These treatments help to identify and correct the spine. Please contact us for an assessment if you have been experiencing any pain or discomfort because of physical activity. You can reach us at 407-656-0390 or [email protected].