"This is nothing but praise and absolute recommendation for Dr. Michael St Louis. If it wasn't for Dr. Mike I would still be walking all tilted forward and in continual pain. That was my first miracle. Then after a surgery, very painful serious skeletal problems presented and I would not have been able to handle them without Dr. Mike's persistence, professional knowledge, and his wonderful caring. I am and always will be very thankful for Dr. Mike."


"Dr. Michael St. Louis is the best hands down! My 4-year-old daughter had a reoccurring ear infection, on and off for months. Antibiotics were not helping, and I didn’t know what to do. I brought my daughter in to see Dr. St. Louis. He asked if I ever had her atlas checked, Of course, I was clueless as to what that was. After he explained it to me I wanted to try it out. He adjusted my daughter & literally moments later she says to me “Mommy my ear doesn’t hurt anymore” It is amazing what chiropractic adjustments can do!​"


"Dr. Mike is my life saver. After I got t-boned by another car in 2016, my body got twisted and tossed around like a rag doll. Dr. Mike has adjusted and worked on my back the last two years, while I have worked on getting better. There were times I could hardly walk, but with Dr. Mike’s help, he got me back on my feet. My injuries can’t be healed with chiro by itself, but it sure helps a lot, having Dr. Mike to treat me and show different stretches and tasks that can help me in to reduce my daily pain. What also contributes to make Dr. Mike an amazing doctor is that he listens to your concerns and takes his time. I feel very seen and taken care of and he has empathy towards my medical situation that has taken a toll on both body and mind. Dr. Mike is a doctor that cares and provides excellent service, and that makes him one of the best doctors for me. I would highly recommend him. 5 Star all the way."


"Doctor Mike is an amazing, talented, knowledgeable, chiropractor. I have been treating with him for almost a year now. In this short time I feel brand new. My daily headaches and frequent migraines have subsided, my range of motion is greater, and my body aches and pains are minimal. He even takes the time to upgrade my dietary, and health knowledge. I would highly recommend doctor mike! I have even brought my 2 small children to him for their first adjustment. Thanks Doctor Mike!! "


"For years I have suffered with neck and mid back pain related to an auto accident in 2005. I managed to push through the pain and keep it at bay using OTC anti-inflammatory medications. I was skeptical about chiropractic treatment but once I received adjustments with Dr. St. Louis, I had great improvement of my neck and mid back pain. I was also able to stop using the OTC medications that I had used for so long. I highly recommend his approach for a non-surgical, conservative method of treatment for pain and discomfort."